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What happens when you bring mysticism, occult practices, physics, and engineering together? You get functional, data producing, magical, paranormal art!

Disclaimer: The information set forth is how I personally investigate and navigate the world of the paranormal. My goal isn't necessarily to "hunt ghosts" but rather to further the field of research, develop tools that include mystical practices in an objective way, and introduce new, mystical, and sometimes seemingly more critical, methods to produce better data while still honoring the VERY spiritual and energetic roots of the paranormal


"With an inquisitive mind, and a need to understand how things function since childhood, I have always felt grounded, found solace when needed, and really connected (pun intended) with building and fixing things throughout my life. From childhood days where the best toy I could be presented with was an old IBM to take apart with my dad, to fixing things from plumbing to electrical work in high school while my late mother struggled with mental illness, to rebuilding the carburetor in my first motorcycle. I was always and am still the one people call when they need something fixed, built, or "figured out".

Though my formative years never led me to pursuing an education or profession in engineering, building and developing has been a lifelong practice. Now in my late 30s, I've begun pursuing that degree, however in the meantime, I continue to indulge in the three things I'm most passionate about; building/creating (my magic), mysticism, and the paranormal" -L

Personal Practice

The world of the paranormal is always developing. When I use terms like "science based", "(para)Scientific Method", objectivity, physics, etc. its not to inflate a subject that I am very aware of being predominately subjective. You must believe, to a point, that there is something to discover when working with the paranormal. The biggest buzz phrase in this industry will always be "I'm a skeptic" and while having a healthy amount of skepticism is very important, consistently basing your investigations purely on doubt will affect your data in a big way. 

I playfully call myself the "kill joy" of the investigation. I love debunking and trying to recreate findings, but I will always conduct my experiments with an open mind and gather the data purely as an impartial observer... I just develop equipment as a skeptical witch. (I know, oxymoron...)

seek unseen_edited.png

I've often discussed keeping spiritual beliefs and practices out of your investigation and when it's appropriate to bring them together. The former tends to include practices like; conjuring, ouija boards, cleansing, ceremonies, and active practices that could adversely affect the energy in a space. Techniques that I don't necessarily disagree with, but that I find to be subjective and open to operator error or based purely on trust over data include; pendulums, dowsing rods, estes method (if you're not miking your estes method, throw it out), psychic/mediums, and so on.

There's a fine line to what I personally find acceptable occult wise during an investigation. Things like wearing protective amulets, carrying crystals, cleansing your equipment and self before and after a haunt, seeking directional guidance from divination tools or mediums/psychics but not facts or answers are practices that I personally use.

For all practices however, I use the witchy rule of three. An objective occurrence backed up by 2 other pieces of documentable data.

Example: You have directional assistance from a psychic, you document a proximity sensor (REM Pod) being triggered, you log an evp on your digital recorder, and you document a temperature change of more than 10 degrees all within a reasonable about of time (typically less than 5 minutes) and space.

Holy Grail scenario: Psychic says "there's someone over there", REM pod goes off in said space, EVP states "over here" along with a temperature change in a confined area.


Available Now: Crystal Pods & Static Sensors

REM Pod is to proximity sensor as Kleenex is to facial tissue. The fancy name sometimes distracts us from the use, mechanics, and application of a very popular tool. Radiating Electromagnetic Field Pod really dresses up how this particular piece of equipment works. Essentially, all electrical circuits whether with a battery or electrical outlet, radiate and in this case, pick up ambient electromagnetic energy. Even things from humans, to the sun in the sky, we can technically find "REM" devices everywhere! 

The sensor capabilities are what differentiate these pods from the generalization their commercial name lends to them. We all know what happens when a prox sensor “goes off”, the immediate area of an antenna coming from the device is triggered by a secondary presence of electromagnetic radiation. That’s why your hand or electrical equipment can set it off, but not a non-electrical/battery operated object or force like a stick, the wind, or other debris.


Without going into TOO much detail (as I have plenty of lectures, content, and available dates for booking talks around the subject – be sure to check out my booking page here) I combine aspects of mysticism and the occult using protective crystals, cleansing practices, and intentional assembly, with this technology based in physics, to my own proximity sensors, the Crystal Pod, along with other pieces of equipment that I’m currently developing.

Find Crystal Pods and Static Sensors  in person during the 2024 Vendor Season and the Crystal Pods available online at 
The GhostHunter Store


In the works: Concepts


The opportunity to check out prototypes of future pieces of equipment are available at in-person vendor shows. Not everything will be produced to sell, as the concepts and ideas are meant to encourage new techniques, ways of approaching methods in a more objective way, and for further exploration and experimentation in my personal exploits into the unknown. Most of my equipment will be demonstrated, tested, and experimented with on YouTube and TikTok.

I'm currently looking for paranormal groups to aid in testing these concepts and methods out in the field for more diverse data!

Current Concepts in Production or On Display

- Fixed divination tools with added temperature and EMF sensing capabilities *On Display Now*

- Improvements on popular methods such as the flashlight experiment that provide a more controlled application *On Display Now*

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