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Lauren has been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years in a technical/equipment focused way. She has explored various methods of spiritual practice all over the world and has held educational workshops on witchcraft, meditation, and metaphysical exploration over the past 6 years. Her debut title, Dark Moon Light: Discovering Your World with Magic, Mysticism, and the Paranormal, was published March of 2023 and held a #1 spot on Amazon's New Release list in Ghost & Hauntings and Supernatural during it's pre-sale and is currently in the top 20 New Releases in Ghosts & Hauntings (March 2023). She currently is an investigator with Tri-C Ghost Hunters Ohio and an educator with LMC Haunts, an interactive, educational, and fun way for paranormal investigator hopefuls to learn more about objective investigating through LIVE hunts hosted on TikTok and YouTube. Her current TikTok platform following has grown over 13k since she began focusing on paranormal & metaphysical content in January of 2023.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Working with the electromagnetic energy and theories behind why "spirit energy" interacts within this spectrum

  • "Stop thanking inanimate objects" : Creating a baseline for your communication experiments 

  • Electromagnetic vs Static vs Mechanic energy and how they should work together during your investigation

  • "Always an Investigator": Why it's important to keep religious/spiritual beliefs out of the investigation and knowing when it's appropriate. I.e. Protection, and cleansing before and after a haunt.


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