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Vintage Paranormal meets 21st century tech with the Crystal Pod I.X from designer and builder, “Lauren Haunts” Hellekson with Liliana Marie Creative.

Featuring elements of wood, fire, and crystals, giving a nod to materials often seen in the mystical tools of the past. Paired with electromagnetic proximity capabilities seen in modern equipment like the REM Pod with added features to cut down on atmospheric and electrically triggered false positives. Each Crystal Pod is individually made by hand and with intention, giving them all a unique Victorian Gothic inspired appearance.



Technical Features

  • Minimal/simplistic electrical components cuts down on unnecessary “bells and whistles” offering straight forward data and also supports/compliments other paranormal devices

  • LED light securely mounted with UV epoxy atop the Crystal Pod to eliminate the “fall through” commonly found in other devices

  • Long single trigger and continuous alarm for more discernible interaction and better documentation of anomalies in an area 

  • Insulated base and internal boards to aid in cutting down on false positives when used on conductive surfaces

  • Telescopic and removable antenna increases placement versatility and storage

  • Fully rechargeable and includes charging cable stored inside the device  

  • User guide insert that includes trigger differences and other helpful information


Design and Esoteric Features 

  • Clean internal design, no gobs of hot glue or unorganized internal workings

  • Reinforced hardware

  • Heat sealed components for durability and longevity of all soldered wiring

  • Water based wash and torch fired treatment to wood that both strengthens and highlights woodgrain while keeping natural properties/feel/look in tact.

  • UV epoxy coating around crystals to not impede on their benefits but secure them permanently to the device

  • Water based polyurethane coating to protect all exposed wood, style, and design

  • Crystal placement of pre charged protective crystals adds esoteric properties to your tech creating a unity of both science and mysticism and allowing the user to “connect with their tech” as done historically in the paranormal with tools such as spirit boards, pendulums, and dowsing rods.


The Crystal Pod is used world wide by paranormal investigators, skeptics, and enthusiasts!

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