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Author, Spiritual Guide, Tarot Reader, Paranormal Investigator, & Witch

Author, Motivational Mentor, Equipment Developer, Paranormal Investigator, & Witch

Cherise O Williams

Lauren Hellekson

In the world of the Paranormal, there is a fine balance that needs to be acknowledged between the science of the tools and methods used in exploration and the spiritual connection we are trying to create between this side and the beyond. Spirits & Science was culminated to bridge the gap, create new methods, and open space for those to want to explore it. 

Cherise O Williams will dive into the spiritual with ways you can "tap in" to your own unique style of intuition and how that can help on investigations. She will also share some valuable "Tarot 101" with some beginner friendly tips on how to read tarot for the possible presences in a haunted location.

Lauren Hellekson is all about the measurable energy. She will share the theoretical applications of electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, and kinetic energy in the paranormal while breaking down the mechanics of the field's most popular equipment. Use tech in a more objective and analytical way without hindering your spiritual energetic connection to the energy we're seeking to explain.

Join Cherise and Lauren on an adventure you won't forget at two exciting locations in 2024!

The General Details

What your event ticket includes:

  • Access to the event location from 6pm - 3am

  • Presentations from Cherise and Lauren

  • Unique shopping experience of tools and equipment being demonstrated throughout the evening

  • Group investigation with Cherise and Lauren to learn how to apply new techniques to combine spirit with science

  • Free Roam investigation

You are welcome to bring:

  • Additional mechanical and esoteric equipment that you'd like to use during the Free Roam 

  • Food and snacks with a cooler (there may not be access to refrigerator/microwave/etc)

  • Additional cash or card for shopping

  • An open mind and a thirst for knowledge

  • Weather appropriate attire - While both locations are climate controlled, be prepared for possible chilly moments and dress with appropriate layers that can be shed if needed!

What we ask you to leave at home:

  • Spirit Boards, herb burning, candles, banishing tools 

  • Alcohol, Drugs, Vapes, etc (both locations are non smoking - we will discuss outdoor access to smoking areas if needed)

Your Hosts


Cherise O Williams

Cherise is an author, spiritual guide, tarot reader, and paranormal investigator, known for her straightforward yet impactful methods in the realms of spirituality, paranormal, and well-being. She specializes in empowering others to trust their instincts and navigate their spiritual journey, offering tarot readings, spiritual coaching, and connections to nature.

In regards to the supernatural, Cherise enjoys sharing ghostly tales as well as her adventures and investigations as she explores different paranormal phenomena. Her integrative approach blends spiritual and witchcraft practices with paranormal investigations

Separately, Cherise embraces a holistic approach to well-being, integrating spiritual practices with holistic techniques to promote harmony and empowerment between mind, body, and spirit. With certifications in spiritual studies, crystal healing, holistic tarot, life coaching, and hypnotherapy, she brings a wealth of expertise to support individuals on their path to wellness.

When she’s not card reading, writing, or ghost hunting, you can find her out in nature, spending time with family, going to antique shops, taking road trips, exploring abandoned places, reading, or watching movies.

Lauren is an author, motivational mentor, equipment developer, paranormal investigator, & witch. Her work with equipment development and engineering stems from a young age; from dismantling old IMB computers with her dad, to rebuilding the carburetor in her first motorcycle, to improving the equipment we use in the paranormal field and developing new and exploratory methods of spirit communication, she is always observing and creating in a mechanical capacity.

She is most known for her redesigned proximity sensor, The Crystal Pod, and sells her equipment world wide on The Ghost Hunter Store. You can find her equipment all over the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

She has explored various methods of spiritual practice all over the world including India, Israel, and Ireland and has held educational workshops on witchcraft, meditation, and metaphysical exploration over the past 6 years. She holds a variety of spiritual practice certifications including Reiki Master, Yogic Movement, Meditation, and has trained and worked with a multitude of practitioners in fields ranging from shamanic, to technical para- applications of electrical engineering. 

When she's not soldering, exploring, or teaching a build workshop, you can find Lauren buried in her pile of fur children surrounded by plants, her husband, and a her signature cauldron of fresh coffee.


Lauren Hellekson

The Locations

The Licking County Jail

46 South 3rd St., Newark, Ohio 43058

licking county.jpeg

Opening its doors in 1889, this historic location is partially surrounded by the original and very ornate ironwork fence, this eerie jail was also built with brownstone that was quarried in from Millersburg, Ohio. This Richardson Romanesque style building designed by architect Joseph W. Yost who also happened to design Orton Hall on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio - truly exudes a Gothic castle like feel to its ominous appearance and stature. This jail remained in operation all the way to 1987 when it no longer met state standards.

This eerie structure adds the the ghoulish appeal of this 130 year old jail where it has now been confirmed that at least 22 people have died within these walls, many of them by suicides.

The haunted history of the jail is marked by the brutal murder of Carl Etherington - a dry agent with the Anti-Saloon League during Prohibition. He was being held that the jail for his own safety from a lynch mob as a crowd of 500 gathered on the north side of the jail thirsting for Carl's death. The crowd broke through the gates and stormed the jail. Etherington was almost beaten to death with a sledge hammer on the second floor cell-block (or did he REALLY die in his cell)?
According to local folklore, more than 5,000 people came in to see his body which had been dragged from the jail and tied to a telegraph pole on the southeast corner of the town square ultimately ending his life. Carl Etherington was only 17 years old at the time of his untimely death.

True believers in the paranormal and skeptics alike have reported hearing cell doors slamming, being touched, whispering in your ear, whistles, the sounds of footsteps - some of those being what seemed residual, the jingling of keys, screams and moaning, as well as seeing strange light anomalies, full shadow figures, and photos with unexpected images in them - just to name a few!

The Bihl Manor

1213 Buckland Ave Fremont Ohio 43420

The Home was built by Toledo native Jerome Bihl around 1890's just across the street from the Historic Rutherford B Hayes Museum at Speigel's Grove. just a block away it is where Fort Stephenson was built in the early 1800s on the west side of the lower Sandusky River. It was the site in 1813 of an American victory in the Battle of Fort Stephenson during the War of 1812. On August 1, 1813, a mixed force of British soldiers and allied Native American warriors, said to number 1500 to 2000, led an assault on Fort Stephenson. Over the course of two days, the severely outnumbered garrison of about 160 men, under the leadership of Major George Croghan, repelled all probes by strategically using their marksmanship and a single cannon, dubbed "Old Betsy." The British forces returned the next day but were again unsuccessful in breaching the fort. Proctor halts the attack at this point when he realizes his force can advance no further. After dark that night the Indians crawl up close to the fort and pick up the wounded British, Canadians and Indians that had fallen early in the day. In the end the British had 30 men missing, 26 killed and 41 wounded. The Americans had one killed and seven wounded.

Jerome Bihl was a prominent figure in the Fremont area with several business owning a jewelry and piano shop. In the 1920's the Bihl family had decided to move to Minnesota and sold the manor to Clarence and Daisy Wolfe. Over the years the family also had friends and family use the home for viewings and services. In 1942 Clarence Wolfe passed away at his home then in 1966 after several years of her failing health Daisy passed away in her bedroom. The manor was later sold to the Lucas County Children's Center which transformed the house into a Children's Group Home. The house was home to mentally retarded children, very sick children and unwanted children. One historian had mentioned that a boy committed suicide or had an accidental death After its closing in 1990's the home was purchased by a couple and made into the Buckland Bed and Breakfast until 2009 when it was sold. The family that purchased it lived in it for about a year and later moved out of unknown reasons.



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