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Overstock Sale!

I'm clearing out last year's vendor stock for some new designs and styles! All Crystal Pods are in working order, may have some slight imperfections due to travel and being handled at shows but they come with a removable antenna, charging cable and manual with free shipping anywhere in the US. Each piece is one of a kind! Please note the photo with the pods number for reference when ordering!


1 - Garnet & Pyrite w/ red light

2 - Mahogany Obsidian & Obsidian Sheen w/red light

3 - Carnelian, Mahogany Obsidian & Blue Tiger's Eye w/orange light

4 - Fluorite and raw Citrine points w/green light

5 - Rose Quartz & Mookaite w/yellow light

6 - Citrine & Marble Onyx w/yellow light

7 - Bloodstone & Fossil pieces w/orange light

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