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Join equipment developer and creator of The Crystal Pod, Lauren Hellekson, for a thrilling Build Workshop at The Rock Island Roadhouse Paracon in Rock Island, Illinois! During this immersive workshop, you'll learn about the electromagnetic spectrum and other energies explored within the unknown, in a hands-on way. With guidance, you'll build and customize your very own proximity sensor (REM Pod) while gaining valuable insights to enhance your paranormal investigation technique surrounded my the infamous "Boiler Room", one of the locations most active areas!


The Details:
The $60
 (+$2.50 processing fee) workshop admission ticket:

  • Workshop Presentation

  • Complete "Prox Kit" to modify into you a fully functioning "REM Pod"

  • Access to all the needed tools* 

  • Mechanical testing with various electrical equipment & "Paranormal Testing" within the VIP only location

  • Customizations like stickers, gems, and markers

  • Reinforcement or repair of any hiccups, wire breaks, or component mending needed

Some Important Things to Consider/Bring/Be aware of:

  • Ticket to the Build Workshop is a separate transaction and does not include any additional events attractions or entry fees for the event. For all inquiries on additional pricing, please contact the event coordinators via the "Visit the Paracon Event Page" button below

  • This workshop is 18+, no exceptions. Those under 18, even if accompanied by an adult, will be denied access to the workshop without a refund

  • It is suggested to bring a book light, needle nose pliers, magnifying glasses if you have issues with working with small parts and wires

  • The workshop will he held in the boiler room located in the basement of the building with no access to an elevator. Please be aware there there will be stairs throughout the building and initially when attending the build

  • The mini investigation will be after the workshop and only for the proximity sensors built by attendees. For additional opportunities to investigate the location, VIP tickets can be purchased in addition and in person at the Paracon the day of

Visit the Rock Island Paracon on Event Page for complete details on the Paracon, Location, and Vendors!

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