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The SEER or Static Electricity Emission Responder, is a simple yet effective device to add to any exploration. Minimalist in design, this analog based circuit delivers straight forward trigger based information without bells and whistles. It's beautiful water based stained and antiqued design creates an attractive and artistic feel that will seem at home in any historic location while also lending addition insolation to cut down on false positive that can occur with static sensing devices within plastic housing. 

- Wooden casing with brass discharge pins and a partial glass lid 

- Resin base with rubber feet

- Hexagon shape for versatility in placement (device can be placed upright or on one side for visual assistance in higher areas)

- Amber power indicator light

- Push buttom on/off

- 3 bright white LED trigger lights 

- 9v battery power 


The SEER is designed to assist in the use of your EMF trigger devices as it is not also triggered by Radio Waves like most proximity sensors, K2's, REM Pods, etc. While not solely an indicator of supernatural occurances, the SEER can rule out  certain triggers of common equipment delivering a more objective approach to your data collection. 


the SEER - Static Sensing Pod

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