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Microwave Motion Sensor with Trigger Range Illumination. Nova is ready to light up your exploration and help you see what might be lurking in the dark.

Nova features

- Victorian vintage aesthetic using wood, water based stains, and detailed engraving as its base

- It houses a 10.5 ghz microwave doppler module

- 3 watt full range speaker with mute button that features a simple but spooky mp3 tone to alert you of its activation(courtesy of muscician, Christopher Mcclelland)

- Subtle gold power indicator light

- 9v rechargeable power*

- What sets it apart, a 250 lumen (yes… it’s bright) removable LED trigger light that you can choose from either red or soft white with options to purchase both.

*LED has additional 12v changeable power


The NOVA is a made to order product and may vary from the photos in the description (hardware upgrades, stain, woodgrain, etc.) for questions please email

the NOVA - Microwave Motion Sensor

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