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Please also read Additional Info Section for important information on placing your order


The Crystal Pod is a proximity sensor that can sense ambient electromagnetic radiation in it's immediate vicinity. A method made popular by the REM Pod, proximity sensors are used throughout the paranormal investigative field as both a trigger device and atmospheric alerting tool based on the paranormal pseudoscientific theory that "spirit energy" may emit such radiation much like humans naturally do. The Crystal Pod takes the mechanical application of a proximity sensor and combines it with the presentation of Victorian Gothic materials and design seen in mystical practices and occult tools of the past (crystals, wood, fire, brass, etc). Both a functional piece of equipment, and a beautiful piece of art, the Crystal Pod is a unique item for any paranormal enthusiast.


Previously only available in person, or specific designs through the Ghost Hunter Store (Amethyst and Midnight versions still available there!), access to the Crystal Pod has been expanded and can be shipped nationwide (worldwide coming soon)! With a custom feel, you can choose your finish, light color, and crystal with new choices always being added! 10 character laser engraving available on the bottom of each pod to add your name, team, or word of inspiration (yes, even your favorite curse word)!


Please Note - The Crystal Pod does not claim to, nor is built to "detect ghosts", as there is no proof of the existence, nor the energetic makeup of such phenomena. This device is purely for entertainment purposes and should be used as such. Any piece of equipment stating it can definitively detect the presence of "spirits" or lend proof to the existence of an afterlife is unequivocally dishonest, is dealing in false claims, and should be considered with caution. Keep exploring, and question everything.

Crystal Pod I.X

Sales Tax Included
Paint Finish (Light color wash to keep wood grain)
Trigger Light Options
  • Each pod is made to order, once your order is placed, there are no refunds so please email me if you have specific questions before placing your order. 

    Crystals, Laser Engraving, and Paint Finish will vary in apperance as each pod is still a one of a kind creation.

    "Relicked" Designs will appear aged and antiqued with varying torched, waxed, and sanded finishes. 

    Crystal Customizations will have a torched wood base, an opaque color wash finish (keeping the wood grain visible), and the lid is covered with your crystal choice. Clear Quartz chips are used as filler for bulkier crystals to ensure the lid has full coverage.

    Please allow 6-8 weeks for your pod to ship, I will contact you directly if there are any issues or extension in turn around time.

    If for some reason your crystal choice becomes unavailable, I will contact you directly to choose a different variety or at that point, you can opt to recieve a refund in this instance. 

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