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The Waning Crescent is beckoning you to make time for planning your Dark Moon rituals

Guys! It's my first post into the Void, and if you are reading this, thank you. Allowing my thoughts into your space is an honor. 2021 is THE year of awakening. The collective conscience is being pulled back into it's roots of magic, and connection to both nature and the universe.

A great first step to awaken your connection is to start with the Moon. She is the connecting force of what both keeps you grounded, and what connects you to the beyond (both spiritually and quite literally... destruction would ensue around the globe and within our bodies if she decided to high tail it out of here)

During this time, until February 10th is the waning of the moon. Her shadow gradually grows larger making her appear smaller and smaller and it is within this time, we should plan all things BANISHABLE. Think, toxic relationships (both within ourselves and with other people), abusive tendencies, addiction. On February 10th, we consider this the New Moon, however, if you are around the northwestern hemisphere, February 10th will be a Dark Moon, there will be about a 1.2% crescent left on our girl making this a powerful time to complete your ritual and make way for the abundance, growth, and freedom that the Waxing Moon will bring.

The Dark Moon is PRIME TIME for really exploring the dark recesses of our beings. Shadow work is at hand and will be very potent and sometimes painful during this time. (No pain no gain though with that shadow work.. if it's easy, then you've barely scratched the surface.)

I can't wait to feel the shift.

Take care witches,


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