Timing your intentions, spells,  jars, meditations, creativity, energetic work, etc. by the moon can make a powerful difference. 


The Full Moon

Full moons are ripe for manifesting, creating, mating, love, strength, power.

Anything that you're building that needs an additional boost can be done under a full moon.

The New Moon

New beginnings, new ventures, the time to start, is now

The Dark Moon

When the last crescent of the waning phase is visible in the sky (usually a night or two before a new moon)

Shadow work, dealing with attackers, cleansing, and prophecy

Waning Moon phase

After a full moon before a new moon

Banishing! As you watch the full moon empty, so will whatever you channel to release

Dismantling magic (negativity, removal, releasing the old)

Waxing Moon phase

After a new moon before a full moon

Invoke! As the moon grows full, so will an abundance of gifts!

Constructive magic (love, success, growth)

2021 Full Moons

February 27: Snow moon

March 28: Worm moon

April 26: Pink moon

May 26: Flower moon

June 24: Strawberry moon

July 23: Buck moon

August 22: Sturgeon moon

September 20: Harvest moon

October 20: Hunter's moon

November 19: Beaver moon

December 18: Cold moon