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Connect to your magic with the universe......

Timing is everything. Whether you connect to your magic using our planet, the moon, or beyond the stars, awareness of the universe around you will help you tap into ancient energies. 

Magic by the Moon

The Full Moon

Full moons are ripe for manifesting, creating, mating, love, strength, power.

Anything that you're building that needs an additional boost can be done under a full moon.

The New Moon

New beginnings, new ventures, the time to start, is now

The Dark Moon

When the last crescent of the waning phase is visible in the sky (usually a night or two before a new moon)

Shadow work, dealing with attackers, cleansing, and prophecy

Waning Moon phase

After a full moon before a new moon

Banishing! As you watch the full moon empty, so will whatever you channel to release

Dismantling magic (negativity, removal, releasing the old)

Waxing Moon phase

After a new moon before a full moon

Invoke! As the moon grows full, so will an abundance of gifts!

Constructive magic (love, success, growth)

The Earth's Cycle of Rebirth

Spring Equinox - Birth

When we enter this world we are fresh, new, and ready to be filled with light, energy, and experience. Time to fill your cup with everything that will bring a fruitful cycle

Summer Solstice - Life

We are gaining momentum. Abundance, strength, and manifestation is at hand

Fall Equinox - Death

Death is a beautiful and inevitable part of the cycle of rebirth. We must let go of the things that don't serve us and make plans that we can bury deep into the earth so that our seeds of transformation can germinate 

Winter Solstice - Stillness

Rest. Let go. This peace is the preparation needed in order to emerge fresh in the spring.