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2023 Media Kit

Lauren Hellekson

Why I make a great addition to your project or event....

A seasoned, objective, paranormal investigator, researcher, educator, published author, and witch. I have a knack for making the mundane interesting and fun with enthusiasm, articulation, inclusivity, and warmth.

I aim to empower, uplift, and inspire those searching for answers within the unknown.

Topics of Interest


ParaScience, Psychical Studies

Exploration of secular spirituality & human's existence in the universe

Exploration of Investigative Techniques in the Paranormal

I have travelled the world for spiritual and paranormal study.  From yogic studies in India, exploring the spiritual and physical healing properties of the Dead Sea and the Holy City of Jerusalem to the folk lore and magic of Ireland.  I live in pursuit of discovering the truths that tend to seem indiscoverable. 

Remote Equipment




iPhone 14 Pro

Canon XA11


Adobe Premier Pro & 
Premier Rush

Well versed in both film and audio production, I have 10+ years experience using the Adobe catalogue for both personal and professional projects.  This not only makes me a valuable asset to projects that require at home recording, but it guarantees a quick turnaround time for polished and professional submissions of material. 

Social Reach for 2023

In 2022, TikTok was visited more times than Google making this platform THE place to find up and coming talent.

12.6k Followers with steady growth of 200+ followers per week

Avg. Weekly Views






January of 2023 I started to dive deeper into connecting with the public through social media. Through research and planning, I started "strategically" posting to the TikTok platform since it aligned the most with the media that I wanted to pursue professionally.  90% of my social following and interaction are a result from those activities and I continue to steadily grow on a daily basis. 


Lauren Hellekson | @lilianamariecreative

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