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Are you living in a Haunted House? 

I'm looking for private residences & businesses to film for YouTube. If you want to share your experience, allow me to document your activity, and/or if you're interested in learning ways that might help make your space feel more comfortable, LMC Haunts is here to help!

LMC Haunts is registered through the state of Ohio and holds general liability insurance. An Accord certificate can be provided if needed before scheduling an investigation. There is no charge or fee for LMC Haunts to investigate your home.

Please consider the following terms & conditions* before contacting: 

  • You must be the home/business owner of the residence/business and listed on the county website

  • If renting, a written agreement to investigate and film must be obtained by the property owner

  • By contacting, you are agreeing that LMC Haunts is not responsible or offering to clear or remove any claimed activity. I can, however, provide secular methods that may help comfort and presence of energy.

  • If agreeing to an investigation, you are agreeing to having your story, likeness, and home filmed and released as an Episode on LMC Haunt's YouTube channel. 

  • If agreeing to an investigation, you are agreeing that you will not receive any payment, royalties, or recognition from LMC Haunts regarding the evidence, footage, or documentation captured at your residence/business

  • While your street address will not be shared publicly, only city and state (or neither depending on your comfort level), the outside of your home and property may be filmed

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You will be contacted soon if your information meets requirements for an investigation.

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