The Elder Futhark


Liliana has been reading her runes for the better part of a decade. Each message will receive a 3 rune spread describing the requestor's overview of a situation, relationship, or state of being that needs to be focused on or address, any obstacle, and course of action needed. Runes are not designed necessarily for "Yes or No" or simple answers.

Be open to the messages they can bring you and see what the universe has to say.


Please give 24 hours for me to send your reading. You will receive an email after payment with an estimated time that I will be casting for you. If you would like to be in active conversation during your reading, you can use the chat function to make an appointment!

Your 3 Rune Cast Includes: An email with your full detailed reading.


Your reading itself is never dependent on your gift, it just helps me to continue offering services.

Wild Mushrooms
Gift Amount $10:  3 Rune Cast with detailed interpretation email
Gift Amount $15:  3 Rune Cast with detailed email plus digital art piece of your rune cast
Gift Amount $25:  Everything above plus an LMC pin and decal

(I will reach out to you for your mailing address when I send your reading)

Venmo is available for payment as well!
Before sending payment, please use the contact form to send a breakdown of your request, include your name or preferred name, email where you would like your reading sent to, amount you are sending, and mailing address if you opted to receive a gift with your reading. This way there is an adequate paper trail for your safety and protection. All transactions will receive a receipt invoice. 
**I will never solicit readings via social media**

Readings are closed for the day. Please follow our instagram for open request announcements @lilianamariecreative

If you enjoyed your reading or session and would like to send an additional gift, thank you! This is not required or tracked for future sessions. All readings are done from a space if inclusivity and love. Please use quantity selector to select amount of gift in $1 increments. 

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