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Dark Moon Light: Discovering your world with magic, mysticism, and the paranormal

by Lauren Hellekson

Become an Advance Reader!

I'm so glad you're here..

First and foremost, thank you for being here. Each one of you are so important to this stage of my life, whether you have been with me since the beginning or we've met along the way, if we've practiced together or just shared fantastic moments with one another you are here with purpose and I am so grateful for you! 


Here's how the advance reading of Dark Moon Light works:


Click on the "Apply Here" link to be taken to the ARC application

  • Upon approval, you'll receive an email with a PDF file of the advance reader copy of Dark Moon Light.

  • Have fun reading and keep in mind that you're reading purely for content, value, entertainment, and usefulness. 

  • Once your reading is complete, you can submit your written review to the email your PDF was sent from. The more detail the better. Things you can include in your review that are extra helpful are:

  1. -Ease of reading / readability 

  2. - What you personally got out of the book

  3. -Something new you learned (without giving too much away)

  4. -What you liked most about the book

  5. -What you would change (if anything) about the content of the book

  • Keep in mind, these reviews will be public and used on social media, the website, advertisements, and other outlets once the book has been released to the public so the more detail on your experience and thoughts the better.

  • Once the book has been released, I'll reach out to you again to submit a review on sites where the book can found and purchased (Amazon, Goodreads, etc) your original review will be included in that email, so it's easily referenced to copy and paste.

Please keep your PDF private and do not share it with anyone, this is for advance readers only

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