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Events and Workshops

I have hosted hundreds of different workshops, events, classes, trainings, and celebrations throughout my career. Each session is unique, thoughtful, tailored, and driven to inspire, motivate, and amuse.

Find me at my upcoming workshops / events and read about some of my past and ongoing favorites!

Use the contact form on the home page to request a workshop at your favorite space, studio, or workspace.



This virtual based class is marketed towards companies with 500 or less employees who are looking for a break in the day to sit, be present, and find some space for themselves. Sessions are offered in 15 minute slots and offer a variety of themes such as; Office Mobility, Voice Guided Mindful Meditation, Desk HiiT, Office Chair Yoga, and so much more check out a sample class of our Mindful Meditation. 

New Moon/Full Moon Themed Classes

My Moon Celebrations can fit any space. Whether you're looking for asana or yogic themed classes(like Chandra Namaskar), esoteric/craft/practical witchcraft style classes, Voice Guided Meditations, energetic healing classes, and so much more. My work with the moon and it's phases runs deep in my personal practice. Allow me to help you connect to that power.


Primal Power

Release all that doesn't serve you and move your body to the music. Primal Power combines dance, strength, mobility, breath, and power in a 90 minute class chalk full of empowerment, self healing, stress release, and a curse word or two... You will scream, stomp, pound the floor, and find your Primal Power within a safe inclusive space.

Craft Workshops

Awaken the witch with a series of in person and virtual workshops detailing beginner level, accessible and inclusive magic for everyday life. Learn aspects of intuitive practice, self healing, folk magic, meditation, and protection practices.

Planet and Moon
Fragile Pampas

Surya Namaskar

As asana practice should be simple, complete, and introspective. Surya Namaskar combines full body movement, mantra chanting, meditation, and breath to allow the body to exist within itself with peace and comfort.

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