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NEW to 2024....

Build Workshops

Gaining technical knowledge in the paranormal through discussion, exploration, and play
with Lauren Hellekson

The Build Workshop helps those interested in deepening their technical knowledge in the paranormal industry to better understand the application of 3 big energetic forces we see and look for in the paranormal research world:

  • Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Static Electricity

  • Kinetic Energy

As a group, workshop participants learn about and discuss the differences between these energies, the equipment that can measure and/or record them, and how we can better utilize this knowledge in our investigative techniques.

Hands on application of  some of this knowledge is utilize through visual, verbal, and direct assistance in building a fully functional EM Proximity Sensor (REM Pod)!

What a Build Workshop includes:

  • All materials, supplies, tools, and step by step instructions

  • Pre drilled and prepared "Prox Kit"TM ready to be dismantled, rewired, and reassembled for paranormal use

  • Light color assortment, Paint, stickers, and fun ways to customize the look of your pod

  • A handy pocket screwdriver kit to keep

  • Full presentation, Q&A, and mechanical equipment testing with equipment developer Lauren Hellekson

*While there is no electrical, mechanical, or technical knowledge needed for this workshop, it is geared solely to adults and is not kid friendly. Minimum age for workshop is 16 years old with parent also participating as an additional ticket holder.

Book a Build Workshop for:

  • Paranormal Conventions and Events

  • Group or team activities

  • Paranormal Parties

  • Haunted locations looking for a unique event to offer at public haunts

Contact for pricing, booking, and more details!

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Build Workshop
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