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A Debut Title from Lauren Hellekson

Paranormal investigative and practicing craft worlds are so deeply related but we seldom see the correlation at first. If you are or want to be a practicing witch and you’re interested in the paranormal, this is a great segue into that world. On the other hand, if you’re in the investigative realm and wish to find deeper exploration practices, protective techniques, or if you have used experimental methods in the past, this will bring you some additional guidance and encouragement to continue thinking outside the box.


Dark Moon Light encourages you to open your mind, your heart, and your spirit to the already mystical world around you and realize that creating a magical life isn’t unreasonable. It’s ok to dream, hope, and plan because even the mundane can be beautiful, bountiful, and intentional. Uncover the gifts that are right at your fingertips and infuse every waking moment with your intuition, theory, ceremony, intention, and power.


Awaken magic that is already inside of you.


What some of our advance readers are saying

"Dark Moon Light, from the get-go, made me feel valued, important, and seen....

Lauren makes you feel confident enough to take those first steps while poignantly highlighting the dangers and sacred practices to avoid in a respectful, educational manner.

Oftentimes I feel like we are inundated with so many ways to incorporate magic into our lives and Dark Moon Light presents habits and rituals that are digestible and accessible for any reader.

Above all else, my favorite takeaways from Dark Moon Light is now in the form of a sticky note of on my mirror: “Sometimes magic is the excuse we need to realize that we are the magic.”

-Molly S.

Everything about this book from the cover and beautiful (colorable) artwork inside, the thoughtful and informative explanations and activities, to the recipes at the end, is brilliant, inspiring, and empowering, while somehow still remaining succinct and easy to digest..

I appreciate how the author works to strip away the stigmas and myths about the occult and sheds a positive light on witchcraft and the paranormal community.

She is especially careful to be inclusive and ensures that her suggested crafts, activities, etc. are accessible to all. There is no list of fancy expensive things to go buy before you begin the practice.

Overall, 10/10, would recommended for anyone looking to find inspiration and magic within themselves.

-Jess B.


The Author

Lauren Hellekson is a practicing witch and educator, a paranormal investigator with Tri-C Ghost Hunters of Ohio, and a trained meditation and asana practice guide with multiple certifications including from Rishikesh Yog Peeth in Rishikesh, India. She is a motivational mentor with over 10 years of experience in leadership, team management, coaching and spiritual study, and now... an author.


Her life's work is aimed to open hearts, challenge habits, and awaken a new point of view about how we think, see ourselves, and interact with the world around us. She enjoys a magical life with her husband and biggest supporter, Christopher and their various children both human and beast.

This photo is Lauren at the infamous Conjuring House in Rhode Island. One of many paranormal spaces she often finds herself exploring
Photo Credit Haley Staack

The Artist

Illustrations for Dark Moon Light are all created by the incredibly talented Audrey Henry. Long time friends, the duo discussed this project over Audrey's current profession and passion: stabbing Lauren with tattoo guns. The art of Dark Moon Light brings an amazing flair to Lauren's writing, as Audrey somehow never fails to capture the essence, passion, style, and vision of Lauren's wildly expressive brain. Here is a little about our wonderful artist...

Audrey Henry has been a professional artist for the past 10 years. Her first publication was in 2015, an adult coloring book titled “Selfies” with Canadian Artist Daniel DePeuter. Ms. Henry’s work has been featured in three art exhibits over the years; “Those Damn Dames” 2016, “Decks for Days” 2018, and “No Regrets” 2021. Her mediums ranging from digital art, wood burning, acrylic painting and tattooed silicone skin.


Four years ago Ms. Henry began her full time career as a Tattoo Artist at South Water Studios in Kent, OH. It has been a great passion and an opportunity for new growth and experience.


She is so grateful for this opportunity to be apart of this wonderful book and thankful for her biggest supporter and partner, Shaun Stiwald.


Order Dark Village

Dark Village
Horror Anthology

Intuition. A gut feeling.

A quiet whisper in your ear that you should turn back–go home, lock the door, and close the curtains. But are you ever truly safe, once the darkness has found you? Or maybe, in your most secret self … you welcome it.

From two friends who share a love for haunted places, racy fiction, and community, we bring you a collection of stories that are sure to stay with you for weeks to come. Ghosts might be our area of expertise, but our passion for horrifying stories doesn’t end with the paranormal.

We’ve found some of the most talented dark fiction authors from across the globe, reached into their twisted brains to rip out some terrifying tales, and gathered them here for you.

This horror anthology features stories from:

Bestselling Author Karina Halle ●
Mallory Cywinski ● Karly R. Latham
Amy Bennett ● Bizzy Blank
Torrence Bryan ● E.E.W. Christman
Amelia Cotter ● Harlow Dayne
Mae Dexter ● Loki DeWitt
Bethany Drillser ● Katharine Hanifen
Jordan Heath ● Lauren Hellekson
Noelle W. Ihli ● Joy Johns
Jason A. Jones ● Lorien Jones
Allison Kurzynski ● Cassie Marozsan
Morgan McKay ● Heather Moser
Shawn Proctor ● Phil Rossi
Stacey Ryall ● Amanda Woomer

From ghosts to zombies ...
Vampires to creepy kids ...
Scary clowns to "true crime" ...
Insane asylums
Witchcraft gone wrong

... we know what scares you.

Come visit our Dark Village...
and stay awhile.

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